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Excel & Celebrate
A Sacred Circle of Women Training for Facilitators

Join us to empower women worldwide.

Share, grow, change, transform.

Bring joy, upliftment, blessings and the gift of community to women, their families, children and our future.

Be a part of this Sacred Circle and make a difference.

Rejoice in the experience of the nurturing support of a sacred circle of women. Together we will share and discover what it means to live in our power. As women we have many unique strengths and innate wisdom which we will discuss and explore. This is an incredible opportunity to establish a deeper connection to our soul and the joy of our spirit. Join us as we enhance our lives and create new possibilities for the future.

Excel & Celebrate is a program that arose from a deep soul longing to create sacred circles of women supporting and elevating one another. The dream has now become a reality. There are now women all over the world experiencing profound change and joy from the Excel and Celebrate Experience.

Excel & Celebrate is a program of personal transformation for women. Each session is an opportunity for women to experience ancient wisdoms and modern truths based on the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, Women's wisdom from Yogi Bhajan, Meditation, Chanting, Life Coaching Techniques, Health and Beauty Information and Lifestyle Tips.

What is included in each session?
• Facilitating an Excel and Celebrate Program: How to Create Sacred Circles of Women.
• What Women in These Times are Needing: Using Excel & Celebrate to Connect and Uplift Our Spirit.
• Going deeply into Yogi Bhajan's wisdom for women to create self empowerment and transform all around us.
• How to Facilitate Group Process to enable each participant to share authentically and become clearer, stronger and more successful in every aspect of their lives.
• Explore the tools you will need to create a successful circle of women.
• Learn how to use Excel and Celebrate to create a Conscious Community of Women.

Who can participate in Excel & Celebrate?
Excel and Celebrate is for women of all ages with or without Kundalini Yoga experience. It is a very great way to feel supported and uplifted and to connect with other women in an elevating environment.

Who can facilitate the Excel & Celebrate Program?
Facilitators of the Excel & Celebrate Program are certified Kundalini Yoga Instructors who have completed an Excel and Celebrate Facilitators Training.

How can I receive training as an Excel and Celebrate Facilitator?

There are two ways you can train to become a facilitator:
1) Teleclass Training Programs are offered through Skype or phone.
2) In Person Training at Kundalini Yoga Centers throughout the world.

Teleclass Facilitator Training for Certified Kundalini Yoga Teachers:

Class groups are forming on an ongoing basis. Contact us via email for dates of next group.

Each class will be 75 minutes long.

Teleclass Facilitator Training

for 6 teleclasses plus $25 and shipping for the Excel and Celebrate Manual

For registration and further information contact:
Pritpal Kaur Khalsa
Excel and Celebrate Director

Contact Pritpal at:(505)747-1119 or pritpalkaurkhalsa@gmail.com