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Since 1970 the direction of my life has been an inner and outer exploration of aligning with a state of vitality and excellence. In 1971 I began to study with Yogi Yogi Bhajan PhotoBhajan, a Master of Kundalini Yoga and Mahan Tantric. The true blessing of my life was the gift of learning and experiencing a very close relationship with Yogi Bhajan for over 30 years. He guided my life with his wisdom, his constant challenges to my inner self to become an inspiration for all those around me. He never let me settle for less than excellence in my life, my relationships and my role as a teacher. Since meeting Yogi Bhajan, I have traveled internationally and taught thousands of people and trained many hundreds of Kundalini Yoga teachers. In 2006 the Kundalini Research Institute recognized me as a Senior Trainer of Kundalini yoga, one of a very small group of teachers world wide to receive this honor.

In 1990, in search of a deeper understanding of body alignment and wellness, I began to teach the Pilates Method. I was certified as a Pilates Trainer by the Pilates Method Alleance and have used this to work with hundreds of clients to bring about stronger bodies and an uplifted spirit. As a Kundalini Yoga teacher I have traveled extensively to share my passion and joy for alignment, breath and the joy of leading with the heart and compassion in our consciousness and our daily lives.

In 2002, still searching for ways to unfold the potential of each individual, I trained as a Personal and Professional Coach with the Newfield Network Ontological Coaching. Another dimension of understanding and excitement arose within my being. I gained the tools to create a transformative experience that quickly and effectively enables Pritpal Teaching Photothe client to go to the heart of their longing and move forward with joy and courage. A new path had opened for me in my longing to serve others. I now feel empowered to give each person I worked with an opportunity to move forward in their life with a declaration of clear intention and purpose to live in success and contentment.

I invite you to join me as we walk forward through this time of change and transformation individually and globally. I am here to serve you from my longing to see you reach your excellence. Let’s walk together, share together and support one another.

Contact Pritpal at:(505)747-1119 or